Youth Mass
The most important part of our Youth Ministry program is the Mass. Our Youth Mass emphasizes a full, conscious, and active participation for all our young people by providing a welcoming environment, inspiring music, and relevant preaching. Most importantly, the Youth Mass remains sacred and timeless and is always open to participants of all ages. Youth Masses will be held every Sunday at 5:00pm from September through May. 

Spiritual Formation
High school students who have not yet received the Sacrament of Confirmation are encouraged to sign up for our Confirmation program that meets once a month during the school year on Sunday afternoon, before the Youth Mass. (If you have not received Baptism or First Communion, our Confirmation program can prepare you for these sacraments as well.)

We also encourage all teens who have already received Confirmation to be part of our Teen Leadership program. Our teen leaders work alongside our adult catechists to help mentor and guide the Confirmation students as well as attending other retreats and other activities focused on spiritual formation.   

Youth Night 
In addition to learning and praying together through our various ministries, we also need to take time just to build relationships and have fun. That's what our Youth Nights are all about. We meet after the Youth Mass for events like game nights, live music, and other social outings. Youth Nights will be held one Sunday a month, following the Youth Mass in the St. Andrew School Auditorium.

For any questions about our Youth Ministry, please contact Shane Akerman, Director of Confirmation and Youth Ministry
Office: 626-768-0676 
And see our calendar below for a schedule of all upcoming events.