St. Andrew Parish Pastoral Council

The St. Andrew Parish Pastoral Council was recently established to assist our Pastor, Father Paul Sustayta, in matters pertaining to the spiritual leadership of St. Andrew Church.

Pastoral councils were first recommended in Vatican II’s “Decree on Pastoral Office of Bishops.” They exist in three-fourths of the 18,000 Catholic parishes in the USA.

Catholic pastors consult pastoral councils in order to be better leaders. Bishops and priests ask their Pastoral Councils to investigate some aspect of the church, reflect on it, and recommend their conclusions. In brief, the work of the pastoral council is pastoral planning.

After prayerful consideration and agreement of the Pastoral Council, they will embark on the mission of consulting and seeking parishioner input to create a mission statement, which best reflects the diverse community of St. Andrew Parish.

This mission statement will speak to the heart of our St. Andrew Parish regarding the spiritual, faith-based ministries which make our church the unique place of worship that it is.


St. Andrew Pastoral Council
Front row left to right: Vera Vignes, Joan Reid, Alicia Nocum, David FurukawaMary Colette Masteller (not in the picture)
Standing left to right: Father Paul Sustayta, Tomas Pacheco, Carlos Javelera, Anton Anderson, Camerina Carrillo, Noel Toro